Blender commands

12 Jul 2018

I’m teaching myself Blender to improve my 3D Asset Generation skills. I’m using Blender’s own tutorials, and these notes are my record of the various commands and techniques mentioned in the tutorials.


Event Meaning
Shift s Snap menu (e.g. cursor to center)
Shift a Add menu
Tab Toggle: edit Mode / object Mode
g grab
s scale
r rotate
Ctrl z undo
Shift Ctrl -z redo
Ctrl Alt u User preferences


Event Meaning
RMB click select
Shift RMB multiple select
b border select (drag rect)
a toggle: select all / deselect all

Camera movement

The directions in the following table describe the movement of the camera, not objects in the scene

Event Meaning Ctrl+... Shift+...
MMB rotate cam zoom pan freely
Scroll MMB zoom pan left/right pan up/down
Numpad 1 front view back -
Numpad 3 right view left view right view
Numpad 7 top view bottom view -
Numpad 2 orbit down pan down -
Numpad 4 orbit left pan left roll left
Numpad 6 orbit right pan right roll right
Numpad 8 orbit up pan up -
Numpad 9 orbit right 3.142 - -
Numpad . View selected ?? ??
Numpad 5 perspective/orthographic view - -
Numpad 0 user/camera view - -
c ?? ?? center
Home view all ??view all -

Other useful view controls

Event Meaning
Shift f Fly mode (WASD, arrows, etc)
Ctrl Alt q quad view / single view

Object visualisation

Event Meaning
z solid view / wireframe
Alt z solid view / textured

Properties sidebar->shading tab has additional controls


Event Meaning
m Move (selected object) to layer

The object tab of the properties window has a layers control that achieves a similar effect.

Layout customization

Event Meaning
t Tool shelf sidebar
n Properties sidebar
Ctrl MMB Cycle through tabs
Ctrl left/right Cycle through windows (up/down)

LMB and drag in window triangle to split or join RMB on window boundary to split or join

Configuring blender

Here are the non-default configuration settings that I’m currently using.

Interface tab


Text editing

To edit the text of a text object, tab to enter edit mode, tab again when